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Lesson Plans

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The links below will connect you to Canadian lesson plans about eating well, being active, and having a positive self-esteem and body image. View the lesson plans below.

All grades (preschool to grade 12)

Media Smarts
Canadian website devoted to digital and media literacy programs including teacher resources and lessons plans for K - 12 in English and French.
BC Agriculture in the Classroom
Resources and lesson ideas for K-12; some free, some for purchase. Information about farm tours.
Farm Fresh
Guide to local farms and farm tours in the Fraser Valley.
Anaphylaxis: Anaphylaxis Canada's resource section for students and schools K-12. Includes lesson plans, sample policy, posters, stories and handbooks.


Focus on Vegetables
Nutrition kit
Focus on Fruit
Nutrition kit


BC Dairy Foundation
Downloadable activities for K-7.
The Food Dudes
For Grades 1-3. A nutrition education program developed by teachers, a nutritionist, and a meal program attendant. Can integrate into the primary curriculum in language arts, math, science, and/or art.
Action Schools BC
Helping elementary schools to create action plans to promote healthy living. Includes a focus on healthy eating.
Healthy Buddies
Child-centered health promotion program focused on physical activity, healthy eating and feeling good about oneself.
Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education
Downloadable lesson plans on food safety for K-3 or grades 4-7.
Mission Nutrition
Lesson plans for grades K-8 on positive self esteem and body image, healthy eating, and physical activity. Also available in French.
Virtual grocery store tour
Information on using nutrition information to make healthy choices.

Grades 8-12

BC Dairy Foundation
Downloadable activities for 8-12.
Sports nutrition kit
Information on nutrition and athletic performance.
Coaching Association of Canada
Sport nutrition resources to ensure that athletes, coaches and parents have the most up-to-date information on nutrition and athletic performance.
High performance fuel for athletes
Guidelines for sports concession stands.
Virtual grocery store tour
Information on using nutrition information to make healthy choices.
Take your health into your own hands
Four lesson plans designed to meet Planning 10 learning outcomes. Developed by the BC Dairy Foundation.

Healthlink BCCompliments and Complaints
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